Our story

For more than 20 years we have been working with all the big Scandinavian retail chains through our former company Lamp Gustaf AB. We were supplying these chains with retail lighting and joined them in their expansion out in the world.

Lamp Gustaf AB was the absolute market leader regarding retail lighting in Scandinavia and we had a very close and open contact with our partners, we were their natural speaking partner in all lighting issues.

Since we were working so very close to our customers, we also developed and designed several customized luminaries together with our partners in order to fulfill their exact needs and ideas. However, the main suppliers to Lamp Gustaf did not show any interest in these developments which is the background to the start-up of a fully owned production company called Lystra.

In 2005 Lamp Gustaf was sold to Fagerhult, who took over all business except for Lystra. Lars and Per continued to run and develop Lystra and still today a very important part of the business concept is, »listen to the market«.

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